Dependence of countries on international trade in foodstuffs has increased considerably (Science Daily)

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Availability of Food Increases as Countries’ Dependence On Food Trade Grows

Dec. 19, 2013 — Sufficient food is available for increasing numbers of people, but at the same time, the dependence of countries on international trade in foodstuffs has increased considerably in 40 years. The proportion of the population who get enough food (more than 2,500 calories a day) has nearly doubled to 61 per cent. Those living on a critically low food supply (less than 2,000 calories a day) have shrunk from 51 to three per cent.

The figures come out in a study made at Aalto University in Finland examining developments in food availability and food self-sufficiency in 1965-2005. Researchers of Aalto University examined the development of food availability in recent decades for the first time.

Food availability has improved especially in the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, China, and Southeast Asia. Although food availability has increased on the global level, food self-sufficiency has remained relatively low.




Riser - A-form - Photo Jojo ROM - 942231_10200263483608038_661084805_n

Production of #freshfood in a small backyard in The Philippines : bottles and tetrapots on a #riser, buckets and pots full of vegetables.  That’s making people less dependent on #foodaid (Photo Jojo ROM).

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