Benefits and advantages of container gardening

Thanks to a very nice comment of “thimethief” on my posting of yesterday, I like to add a paragraph to my summary on container gardening. It enumerates some benefits and advantages of this type of gardening. Anyway, there will be more things to be mentioned and possibly you will send me some comments to complete the list.

Here we go :

Benefits and advantages of container gardening

As container gardening can be practiced anywhere, benefits and advantages are extremely diverse:

  • It helps saving irrigation water (water conservation).
  • It avoids a lot of hosing and weeding (time and labour saving).
  • It enables gardening on all floors of apartment blocks and high buildings.
  • It avoids competition with wildlife.
  • Container gardens are close to the kitchen (fresh homegrown herbs).
  • Possibility to intersperse containers with food crops and flowering plants (repelling insects).
  • Easy to create good looking spaces (esthetics).

2007-02 bottle
2007-02 : Lettuce seedling from a nursery and small decapitated coca-cola bottle, filled with potting mix treated with TerraCottem. Will the small bottle be sufficient for producing a nice lettuce plant ? I will tell you later, but up to now it’s working. And I recycle the plastic !
2007-02 : Plantule de laitue d’une pépinière et une petite bouteille de coca-cola décapitée, remplie de terreau traité au TerraCottem. La petite bouteille, sera-t-elle suffisante pour développer une belle plante de laitue ? Je vous dirai plus tard, mais jusqu’à maintenant ça marche. Et je contribue au recyclage du plastique !

Author: Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.

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