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INFOSYLVA est un service d’information à partir de coupures de presse, mis à disposition par le Centre d’Information sur les Forêts de la FAO et qui fait le point de l’actualité dans ce secteur, en anglais, français et espagnol

INFOSYLVA es el servicio de información de recortes de prensa suministrado por el Centro de Informacion Forestal de la FAO con noticias sobre las actividades forestales, en inglés, francés y español.

N. 13                                                                                                                                          2009


Press review/ Revue de presse/ Informe de prensa:                                                             01 – 16 July 2009

Kenya: Adopt African views on forestry
Unless African forestry perspectives are included in global climate change debates, REDD policies for the continent risk being inadequate or inappropriate. Making REDD work for Africa means recognising the complexity and diversity of African forests.

Eyeing the wealth of the savannah
In the 1980s a group of farmers in the West African country of Burkina Faso decided to fight back against years of drought by resuscitating their barren rock-hard land to grow more food than only what they needed to survive. The farmers did not stop there – they also put in the seeds of trees, and woodland has been re-established.

Diputada presenta proyecto para considerar al bosque nativo como bien jurídico a preservar
Diputada nacional presentó ante el Congreso proyecto de ley que puede considerarse clave para la provincia de Misiones, y que puede beneficiar enormemente a toda la Argentina. Es la reglamentación de las sanciones por delitos contra los bosques nativos, y cuyo espíritu es considerar al medio ambiente como un bien jurídico a preservar.

La foresto ganadería será una de las novedades de la Feria Forestal de Argentina
Conscientes de que el uso múltiple del suelo es el que permite lograr mayores ventajas, la Feria Forestal Argentina 2009 destinará a partir de este año un amplio espacio destinado a la foresto ganadería, una modalidad que combina la actividad forestal con la pecuaria.

Prometen sistema de control de desmontes en bosques
Esta práctica sigue ocurriendo en Córdoba. Falta elevar la nueva ley de protección.

Armenian environmentalists take case to court to protect Teghut forest
The Yerevan Administrative Court agreed to review a lawsuit presented by a number of civic and environmental groups in defense of the Teghut Forest, a densely wooded area located in the southern reaches of Tavush Marz under threat of being destroyed by a mining operation.

A Tasmanian tragedy? How the forestry industry has torn an island apart
Industry is ‘third world banana republic stuff’ alleges local ecological forester.

Queue for forestry assets
More than 40 local and overseas parties have emerged as potential buyers of the vast forestry assets formerly managed by Timbercorp.

Brasil crea nuevo sistema de fiscalización de la Amazonía por satélite
Brasil, que ya cuenta con dos sistemas de fiscalización de la deforestación de la Amazonía por satélite, lanzará este año un tercer método, diseñado especialmente para vigilar si empresas con concesiones para talar madera en la región están cumpliendo sus planes de explotación sustentable.

Brasil intensifica represión contra tala en Amazonia
Brasil intensifica sus operativos en la Amazonia al comenzar la temporada seca, cuando crece la deforestación ilegal, con la expectativa de reducir la destrucción del bosque húmedo al nivel más bajo en 20 años.

Brazil wants CO2 cuts based on historic emissions
Brazil says rich nations must make up for past emissions, and developed nations should lead in setting targets. Amazon forest credits unlikely with current regulations.

Brazil’s development bank to require beef-tracking system to avoid illegal Amazon deforestation
Responding to allegations that major Brazilian cattle producers are responsible for illegal forest clearing in the Amazon, Brazil’s development bank BNDES will soon require processors to trace the origin of beef back to the ranch where it was produced in order to qualify for loans.

Brazil’s huge wetland under threat
The early hours of the morning in the Pantanal can be an almost deafening experience, as this beautiful wetland area wakes up to a symphony of natural sounds.

Comenzará en diciembre plan deforestación cero de Amazonía
El ministro brasileño de Agricultura reveló que restan aún seis meses para la implantación del programa deforestación cero de la Amazonía en el estado de Pará, por parte de las empresas pecuarias.

Global climate deal still possible
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said that a global climate deal could still be ready by a December summit in Copenhagen despite differences that resurfaced last week between rich and poor countries. More aggressive reduction targets for emissions by rich countries are a prerequisite for the establishment of a fund to finance carbon sequestration – by planting or preserving forests.

Illegal Amazon timber passed off as eco-certified in massive wood laundering scheme
A Brazilian federal prosecutor is leading an investigation into charges that illegal timber from the state of Pará is being laundered as “eco-certified” wood and exported to markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Lula reclama a países ricos reducción de emisión de gases
El presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva reclamó el lunes que los países ricos reduzcan sus emisiones de gases causantes del calentamiento global, en lugar de limitarse a pagar a naciones pobres a plantar bosques para secuestrar carbono.

New monkey discovered in Brazilian Amazon
Researchers have discovered a new sub-species of monkey in a remote part of the Amazon rain forest.

Squatted Amazon gets reprieve in legal bill
Squatters hoping to gain legal ownership of tracts of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest were thwarted by the country’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. At the last minute, Lula used his powers to veto parts of a controversial bill that would have allowed the land grab.

Tiny monkey species discovered in the Amazon rainforest
A new species of monkey has been discovered in the Brazilian Amazon. The monkey, a type of saddleback tamarin, has been named Mura’s saddleback tamarin (Saguinus fuscicollis mura) after the Mura Indians.

Une espèce de petit singe découverte en Amazonie
La Société pour la Conservation de la Faune (WCS) annonce la découverte d’une nouvelle espèce de singe dans une région reculée de l’Amazonie au Brésil.

Cambodia signs avoided deforestation carbon agreements for voluntary casbon standard project
Cambodia’s Forestry Administration signed agreements with nine community forestry groups to develop and market carbon credits for an avoided deforestation project in the Oddar Meanchey province.

Forestry in British Columbia on brink
British Columbia’s forest industry has the potential to thrive in the long term, but the federal government needs to take the lead to address major obstacles facing the sector. The forest industry represents almost 3% of Canada’s GDP, and 12% of the country’s manufacturing GDP.

Forestry may soon rebound
Despite a sharp decline in lumber exports in the first quarter of this year, New Brunswick’s forest products sector may soon rebound as fragile green shoots of economic recovery begin to sprout across North America.

Forestry workers hit by age eligibility shift
Changing the age requirement from 55 to 60 to be eligible for a government assistance program to help aging and unemployed forestry workers leave the industry is intended to make the program more effective.

Forêt: l’aide fédérale tarde à venir
L’industrie forestière canadienne éligible pourrait bien devoir attendre plus de six mois avant de bénéficier de l’aide financière de 1 milliard $ que le gouvernement du Canada lui a promise le mois dernier.

El sector forestal chileno no repunta
Para este año la asociación de industriales de la madera prevé más despidos. Si bien aún es prematuro anticipar con absoluta certeza cual será el futuro de la actividad forestal en la región, lo cierto es que hay algunas señales que permiten mirar con mayor esperanza el devenir de un sector que es clave para la actividad comercial y económica por la gran cantidad de empleo que genera.

China’s growing sands
It is estimated that desertification affects 400 million people in China alone. These effects come in a myriad of forms including disappearing water, degraded grasslands, moving sands and environmental refugees. Sandstorms originating in China have been known to spread to the Korean Peninsula, Japan and even as far as the west coast of the United States.

China to establish giant oil palm plantation in DR Congo
ZTE Agribusiness Company Ltd, a Chinese firm, plans to establish a one million hectare oil palm plantation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) for biofuel production.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica tops good life survey
Costa Rica, the country of fewer than 5m people sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua, tops a new global ranking for combining a happy and long life with limited environmental degradation.

Happy Costa Ricans top global list for the good life
Costa Rica, the country of fewer than 5m people, tops a new global ranking for combining a happy and long life with limited environmental degradation. The merger of its energy and environment ministries has reversed deforestation and helped it produce 99 per cent of its energy from renewable sources.

Crecen los bosques camagüeyanos
Entre el 2000 y el 2008 esta provincia incrementó en 4,98 por ciento su índice de boscosidad,  al cerrar el año anterior con el 22,42%.

Impulsan cultivo del bambú en oriente cubano
La provincia de Santiago de Cuba, en la zona oriental de la isla, promueve la siembra de bambú para la actividad forestal, además de recuperar áreas afectadas por la deforestación.

Pinar del Rio fights desertification
The southern plain of the westernmost Cuban province of Pinar del Río, which is suffering from desertification and drought, is benefitting from a sustainable land management project.

Dominican Republic
Jaime David dice deforestación en la frontera es una grave amenaza
El secretario de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales dijo que la deforestación en la zona fronteriza del país constituye una grave amenaza para el desarrollo de la región.

Procomunidad sugiere esfuerzo para reforestar frontera
El  Fondo de Promoción a las Iniciativas Comunitarias (Procomunidad) dijo que para resolver la deforestación de la zona fronteriza requiere un esfuerzo masivo que incorpore a la población estudiantil universitaria, los campesinos y a los reclusos de los centros penitenciarios y muchos recursos económicos.

Growing trees and empowering pupils
Simon Emou, a teacher at Katine primary school, has been in Ethiopia for the launch of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme that links schools and local authorities in countries across Africa and the UK.

A block of wood exploded into a design hotel
The winning design in a 24-hour design competition, now standing realised on an island in Helsinki, aims to arouse attention and discussion.

Finns prefer forests to parks for recreation
Forests alleviate stress, anxiety and irritation and increase energy levels and concentration. Parks do a poorer job of restoring Finns to balance.

Alpes: cinq hectares de chaume et de forêt ont brûlé hier
C’est le premier feu de cette importance depuis le début de la saison estivale. Au pied de la Montagne de Lure, 5,5 hectares de chaume, d’herbes et de massifs forestiers sont partis en fumée.

Feu de forêt maîtrisé près du centre nucléaire de Cadarache
Un feu de forêt s’est déclaré près du centre de recherche atomique de Cadarache, dans les Bouches-du-Rhône, et a été maîtrisé en fin d’après-midi.

La forêt des Landes sous haute vigilance à l’approche de l’été
Les premiers feux, qui en 48 heures ont ravagé 200 hectares de forêt landaise, conduisent les autorités d’Aquitaine à redoubler de vigilance avant une saison estivale s’annonçant critique en termes de risques d’incendies, aggravés par les dégâts causés par la tempête Klaus.

Préparer l’avenir de l’habitat de la forêt
Les élus du Pays des Landes de Gascogne étaient à Marquèze pour leur projet commun de développement de l’habitat.

Newmont Mining Corporation depleting forest reserves?
The government seems to be in a dilemma over protecting the country’s depleting forests, while at the same time seeking revenues from the gold that is buried in the forests. The government is sometimes seen to be contradicting itself in its efforts to rehabilitate depleted forest reserves, and at the same time permitting mining in these same reserves.

Project to ‘grow carbon sinks’
Ambitious plans to grow 24 million trees to soak up carbon dioxide and restore the rainforest have got underway in Ghana.

Timber companies worried at lack of government support
Timber companies participating in the timber certification process seem almost disappointed with the level of governmental support for the programme. According to the firms participating in the programme, the certification process enjoys little or no governmental support. Government’s commitment to the implementation of key policy reforms is also questionable.

Buscan capacitar a comunas en la conservación de bosques
Al menos el 51 por ciento del territorio guatemalteco es de vocación forestal, del cual el 23 por ciento está en manos de las municipalidades y las asociaciones de vecinos, por ello autoridades ambientales y ediles se unieron para desarrollar talleres de capacitación para conservar esos bosques.

Estrago imparable de manglares
Según un estudio de la Escuela de Pensamiento Ecologista Savia, en los últimos 50 años este país de 108.889 kilómetros cuadrados perdió dos tercios del área boscosa original y la diversidad biológica que albergaba. Hoy se esfuman 73.000 hectáreas anuales de selva.

La Muralla: Un refugio de vida silvestre modelo hondureño
Entre las verdes colinas y los frondosos pinares que caracterizan al departamento de Olancho, se yergue imponente y majestuoso “La Muralla”, que es parte del macizo montañoso de la Sierra de Agalta y se ubica en la cadena meridional de las sierras del norte de América Central.

India allocates Rs 5bn for forestry
The Indian government has introduced a Rs 5 billion package for environment and climate change, primarily to restore and regenerate the forest cover.

Environmental protection must be a presidential priority
Despite dire threats from rising sea levels as a consequence of global warming, rapid deforestation and devastating fire and haze, as well as a critical shortage of clean drinking water, all three presidential hopefuls appeared to ignore the topics during the campaign.

Indonesia aplicará la certificación forestal para frenar tala ilegal de madera
El Gobierno de Indonesia implantará un nuevo sistema de certificados para luchar contra la tala ilegal de madera y preservar los selvas en el país que está destruyendo sus bosques al mayor ritmo de todo el mundo.

Indonesia issues first forest-carbon revenue rules
Indonesia’s forestry ministry has released what are believed to be the world’s first set of revenue sharing rules governing forest carbon projects.

Indonesia issues world’s first rules on forestry credit revenue-sharing
Government to secure up to half of REDD earnings from forest projects.

Indonesia releases revenue sharing rules for REDD forest carbon projects
Indonesia has released revenue sharing rules for forest carbon projects. The revenue-sharing depends on the type of forest ownership or permit, ranging from 10 to 50 percent for the government, 20 to 70 percent for local communities, and 20 to 60 percent for developers.

L’Indonésie annonce des mesures contre les exportations illégales de bois
L’Indonésie a annoncé la mise en place prochaine d’un système de certification indépendante pour les exportations de bois afin de combattre la déforestation illégale qui dévaste les grands massifs forestiers de l’archipel.

Multinational corporation continues destruction of orangutan habitat in Indonesia
A coalition of environmental groups stepped up efforts to stop Astra Agro Lestari (AAL), an Indonesian palm oil company, from continuing to clear orangutan habitat in Aceh province, Indonesia.

Parks in Sumatra may reduce deforestation in adjacent unprotected areas
The establishment of protected areas on the Indonesian island of Sumatra may have helped reduce deforestation in adjacent unprotected areas.

Saving the heart of Java
Mount Halimun Salak National Park, the “Heart of Java”, is an important natural wonderland and, according to head of the park, a potential laboratory.

Iraq lashed by sandstorms and battling drought
Below-average rainfall and insufficient water in the Euphrates and Tigris rivers have left Iraq bone dry for a second straight year, wrecking swaths of farm land, threatening drinking water supplies and intensifying fierce sandstorms that have coated the country in brown dust.

Sand storms, the new enemy in Iraq
According to Iraqi authorities, the desertification of the country and the drought that has lasted for two years has amplified the phenomenon of dust storms, which affected the entire region, from Saudi Arabia to Iran.

Los incendios arrasan el norte de Israel
Una ola de incendios arrasó el norte de Israel y destruyó más de mil dúnames (250 acres o 100 hectáreas) de bosques y arboledas naturales. En el Bosque Biria, cerca de Safed, ardieron unos 1.000 dúnames de bosques forestados y arboledas naturales. En 30 minutos se quemaron árboles que el KKL había plantado para rejuvenecer las arboledas destruidas durante la Segunda Guerra del Líbano.

Crisis looms as one more water tower runs dry
Environmentalists have raised the red flag over the continued degradation of the Mt Marsabit ecosystem blaming it for prolonged drought and scarcity of water being experienced in the vast arid region. With the destruction of the main forest cover in the region, there is now very little underground water to sustain the livestock.

Maathai faults crops in forests plan
Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai criticised the re-introduction of the shamba system in which squatters settle and farm in forests. He said this was likely to interfere with the eco-system, resulting in the drying up of rivers.

No safe haven for rarest antelope
Fleeting sightings of the world’s rarest antelope, the hirola, in a new safe haven are cases of mistaken identity, a survey has found.

Arbitrary felling of trees poses serious danger to Jabal Moussa
The Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa raised the alarm over the weekend saying the biosphere reserve faced serious dangers with an°©cient trees being cut arbitrarily.

Failure to support greener palm oil may lead industry to abandon environmental measures
Consumer apathy towards eco-certified palm oil have undermined efforts to improve the environmental performance of the industry.

Deforestación afecta gran parte de la geografía yucateca
El 70 por ciento de la geografía yucateca resiente actualmente diversos impactos de deforestación. Conafor tiene como meta producir este año 3.4 millones de plantas para reforestar 4 mil 493 hectáreas y darle mantenimiento a mil 650 hectáreas.

Greenpeace protesta por deforestación de bosques
La organización ambientalista Greenpeace se manifestó en contra de la deforestación por la que cada año se pierden en México 500 mil hectáreas de bosques y selvas.

Pierde México 300 mil hectáreas de bosques cada año
Pese a que se sembraron 360 mil árboles este año no es suficiente, dice el director adjunto de la Comisión Nacional Forestal.

Puebla pierde al año mil 800 hectáreas de bosque
La tala clandestina en México tiene en la comparsa de los autoridades su principal impulsor, ya que el comercio y la industria de maderas preciosas es permitida en zonas que debían ser consideradas reservas ecológicas.

Se pierden 500 mil hectáreas de bosque
En México se pierden alrededor de 500 mil hectáreas de bosques y selvas cada año, casi el doble de lo estimado por el gobierno (que afirma que en México sólo se pierden 260 mil hectáreas de zonas boscosas), según investigaciones recientes elaboradas por académicos de la UNAM.

Mongolia may loose prairies, demand for cashmere partly blamed
Mongolia, the land of prairies, is facing rapid desertification, due partly to the unchecked growth of animal herding for prized cashmere wool from Chinese buyers and global warming.

Les incendies ravagent les forêts marocaines
Près de 180 hectares de forêt ont été ravagés par un incendie, ce weekend, dans la province de Berkane, précisément à Tafoughalt. L’origine de cet incendie reste encore indéterminée. Alors qu’à Tétouan, ce sont quelques 25 ha de pinède qui ont pris feu. L’incident a eu lieu à la forêt d’Al Khandak Al Kébir située dans la commune de Zaouiat Sidi Kacem-Amsa relevant du Caïdat Ben Saïd.

New Zealand
Auckland Zoo bans Cadbury chocolate due to palm oil content
Auckland Zoo has pulled Cadbury chocolates from its shops and restaurants following the candy maker’s decision to start adding palm oil to its chocolates.

Nicaragua espera mejorar su industria forestal con ayuda de la cooperación internacional
Con una gestión científica del sector forestal y madera-mueble, Nicaragua podría volverse una potencia exportadora de los productos de este sector, sin embargo, es mucho más lo que se extrae en forma ilegal, lo que se pierde en quemas de bosques y avance de la frontera agrícola, que lo que se explota legalmente, aparte de que las exportaciones son hechas sin procesar.

Council warns against desertification
The council of Bauchi State expressed worry that in spite of the existing laws against the act of felling trees, coupled with the efforts of traditional rulers and other forestry agents, people were still indulged in the act. The development has exposed the area to desertification, maintaining that his administration was out to address the ugly incident.

Environmentalist wants space on highways for trees, flowers
The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) wants the Lagos State Government to provide spaces for the planting of trees and flowers on highways.

NEMA warns of climate-induced disaster
The National Emergency Management Agency has alerted the nation of an imminent threat posed by the growing impact of climate change, saying the southern parts of the country are now under threat of flooding and deforestation.

Nigeria’s forest resources can alleviate poverty
Nigeria’s forest resources have been recognised as having enormous potentials to contribute to poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihood of the rural people and mitigating effects of climate change.

From Norway, an eco-alternative to teak
The sleek, dark wood has all the characteristics of endangered mahogany from Peru’s Amazon rainforest. In reality, it was manufactured in Norway, in a five-day process that instills all the qualities of rare, tropical hardwood into sustainable softwood.

Panama canal project opens a tropical window
In the banks of the Panama Canal, researchers are analyzing more than 2,000 fossils, the stratigraphic record revealed by each new rock cut, paleomagnetic data, isotope ratios, carbon signatures and more, to get a sense of what an ancient tropical rain forest looked like.

Cien mil hectáreas chaqueñas se deforestaron en este 2009
Cien mil hectáreas de bosques chaqueños ya fueron deforestadas este año y la pérdida económica asciende a unos US$ 45 millones.

Deforestación en el Chaco causa la desertificación y salinización
La deforestación del Chaco causa la desertificación y salinización, lo que afecta a la producción en general.


Fog catchers bring water to parched villages
A rain-starved community in Peru collects hundreds of gallons of water a day using special fog-catching nets.

Rumble in the jungle
Could Peru’s uncontacted Amazonian tribes be wiped out by oil giants? Not if they don’t exist…

Plurinational State of Bolivia
La deforestación y el agro reducen población del tapir
Tapirus terrestris (Perissodactyla-Tapiridae), Anta o Tapir, es un mamífero que está dentro de la especies de la categoría Vulnerable (VU), debido a la destrucción de su hábitat, a través de la cacería, la deforestación y la agricultura.

Republic of the Congo
750 000 hectares de forêt certifiés au Congo avec l’aide de la Fondation Chirac
La Fondation du Président Jacques Chirac et l’association The Forest Trust (TFT) ont présenté le premier bilan de leur partenariat. Ils annoncent avoir permis la certification de 750 000 hectares de forêts dans le bassin du Congo.

La Fondation Chirac aide à la certification des forêts du bassin du Congo
La fondation de l’ancien président français Jacques Chirac a permis la certification de 750.000 hectares de forêts dans le bassin du Congo, selon un point d’étape du partenariat entre cette fondation et The Forest Trust (TFT).

Le Bassin du Congo devient le plus grand massif forestier tropical géré durablement au monde
Les représentants de Africa Wood for life, avec l’appui de Interafrican Forest Industries Association (IFIA), ont donné une conférence de presse pour promouvoir l’Afrique forestière du Bassin du Congo engagée dans la certification de gestion durable, dépassant ainsi le Bassin Amazonien en terme de surfaces certifiées.

Genetically altered trees grow twice as fast
Russian scientists claim that genetically altered birch and aspen trees have successfully grown in half the time within greenhouse environments.  Now, the scientists are moving outdoors in an attempt to curb deforestation in eastern Europe.

‘Comando’ de cabras antiincendio
Cervelló aumentará su flota de agentes forestales con un particular comando : un rebaño de entre 40 y 50 cabras que se encargarán de limpiar los bosques del pueblo para crear cortafuegos naturales.

El bajo precio de la madera lleva a los productores a paralizar las cortas
La caída en los precios ha llevado a los productores de madera a suspender las cortas mientras no se recupere el mercado. La crisis ha saturado los mercados, sin que se hayan dado señales de recuperación por el momento, situación que ha complicado la incorporación de 1,3 millones de toneladas de madera de Galicia y 30 millones procedentes de Francia como consecuencia del Klaus.

El vivero que preserva el árbol autóctono
El vivero forestal de Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre, situado en Escobedo de Camargo, es un proyecto cuyo principal objetivo, desde su creación en 1999, es la recuperación y preservación de la diversidad botánica de la planta autóctona, especialmente en la Montaña Oriental de Cantabria, así como en zonas de marisma y ribera.

En lucha por el bosque de la infancia
Una propietaria litiga contra la burocracia para salvar los centenarios árboles de su finca.

Invertir en nuestros bosques, la única forma de frenar los incendios
Como novedad en esta edición, WWF analiza también el problema de los incendios forestales ante un escenario de aumento de temperaturas, debido al calentamiento global.

Investigadores aragoneses desarrollan un innovador sistema contra los incendios forestales
Investigadores aragoneses desarrollan un sistema de sensores inalámbricos para la prevención, detección y seguimiento de incendios forestales, que será el primero en Europa y que consiste en la instalación en zonas boscosas de “pequeñas estaciones meteorológicas”, separadas de 30 a 200 metros.

Investigadores de la UAL participan en un proyecto europeo dedicado a sustituir plásticos por residuos derivados de la madera
Investigadores de la Universidad de Almería participan en el proyecto europeo de investigación para sustituir los componentes derivados de la industria petroquímica empleados en la fabricación de plásticos por derivados de la madera.

Los bosques españoles reducirán el 2% del CO2
España prevé superar el objetivo de lograr mitigar las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en un dos por ciento a través de las masas forestales.

Proyecto para cultivar setas a través de árboles micorrizados en el País Vasco
Proyecto pionero en Euskadi consiste en un cultivo de setas y hongos a través de árboles micorrizados.

Tolerancia cero con los incendiarios
El peligro no está en el fuego, sino en quien lo prende. Los incendios no son una catástrofe natural, el hombre está detrás de muchos de esos fuegos que devoran los montes gallegos cada verano. La mayoría de los incendiarios son reincidentes y, como estrategia de prevención prioritaria, las fuerzas de seguridad realizarán un seguimiento a los detenidos o fichados en temporadas anteriores.

Syrian Arab Republic
Hubble bubble means forest trouble
The production of charcoal from the oak trees fetches a good price because of demand for use in nargiles, the hubble-bubble tobacco pipe popular in cafes across the country. But the uncontrolled harvesting of wood is endangering the country’s forests.

Birds found to be key protectors of forest in Tanzania
Seed-eating birds play a critical role in maintaining forests in the Serengeti by keeping seed-killing beetles in check.

Common ground deep in the woods
Better technology and the participation of villagers in patrols is fostering.

300,000 base on president’s directive to encroach on forests
President Museveni has stopped evictions of forest encroachers, despite appeals by the National Forestry Authority to protect the country’s assets. According to the NFA boss, Mr Damian Akankwasa, the agency wrote to the President early this year seeking to evict over 180,000 illegal encroachers countrywide.

Busia gets Sh300 million forest
Busia district has received a 27-acre forest. The sh300m forest, donated by Stanbic Bank, is located at Masafu, 10km on the Busia-Majanji road. It constitutes over 18,000 timber species and was established three years ago.

Deadly bacteria wilt destroys pine trees
The lucrative tree farming industry is being threatened by a deadly bacterial wilt that has been discovered by Ugandan scientists. The wilt is mainly affecting pine trees – the species that tree farmers most commonly investing in.

EU gives Shs30 billion to government for tree planting
With the increasing change in weather, Uganda needs to plant more trees in order to have suitable climatic conditions since the seasons are becoming catastrophic.

Join NFA in fighting forest encroachment
For years now, the National Forestry Authority (NFA), a statutory body established to protect and guide on sustainable usage of our forests, has been struggling to deal with a presidential directive against eviction of encroachers on some forests under its mandate.

Uganda likely to lose all forest cover in 50 yrs
Uganda will lose its entire forest cover in the next 50 years if the government does not embark on immediate efforts to halt rapid deforestation.

United Kingdom
British company barcodes trees to protect forests
Deep in the world’s tropical rainforests, workers are hammering thousands of barcodes into hardwood trees to help in the fight against illegal logging, corruption and global warming.

The No.1 lady seed detective
Kew Gardens’ influence extends thousands of miles beyond the leafy suburbs of London. In the heart of Botswana, the leaders of the Millennium Seed Bank Project are following in the footsteps of Livingstone to save our planet’s plantlife.

The wombat: back from the brink
One of the world’s most threatened mammals manages to go forth into the forest – and multiply.

United States of America
A house in the woods, after the woods are gone
In the dense forests of Montana, the pine trees have been turning red and dying because of an infestation of beetles.

Battle raging in US mining country
Despite its obvious environmental impact, mountaintop mining still has support from many in West Virginia.

Bugs! The critters eating America’s forests
They may be tiny, but they’re marching across the US in their billions, killing vast swathes of woodland.

California poised to shut gates on great outdoors as parks struggle with budgets
It is hard to envisage a no-entry sign tagged to a towering redwood tree. But the recession – writ on an epic scale in California’s proposal to close 220 state parks – is forcing the American public to confront the closure of the great outdoors. Public may lose access to 80% of nature reserves.

Climate bill won’t work without farm role: USDA
The climate change bill being drafted in the U.S. Senate is unlikely to succeed unless it gives farmers and ranchers a role in locking carbon into the land. A carbon-offset program that pays landowners for practices like tree-planting and reduced tillage that lock carbon into soils and vegetation could reduce greenhouse gases.

Crews fight fires in Angeles National Forest, Camp Pendleton
Officials say both blazes are 50% contained and warn people to take precautions in fire-prone areas.

Energy bill would help N.Y. forests
An energy bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives could give New York up to $125 million to make the state’s forests more resistant to climate change.

Gore: deal on emissions from land useage change critical
Current estimates indicate that changing land use — including the burning of peatland, the conversion of degraded former forest land to agriculture and desertification through over-farming — is responsible for as much as 30 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions, more than either deforestation, power generation or transport.

In the warming West, climate most significant factor in fanning wildfires’ flames
The recent increase in area burned by wildfires in the Western United States is a product not of higher temperatures or longer fire seasons alone, but a complex relationship between climate and fuels that varies among different ecosystems.

Judge tosses Bush-era forest management regulations
A federal judge sided with environmentalists yesterday and threw out Bush-era Forest Service regulations that govern management plans for national forests.

Older forests store more carbon
Letting Pacific Northwest forests age longer would increase carbon storage and help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Some see beetle attacks on western forests as a natural event
Mountain pine beetles like the one at the left have attacked millions of acres of Western forests. The beetles, the size of a grain of rice, bore into the bark. But some scientists say the beetles have a vital ecological role.

Viet Nam
Quang Nam forests destroyed with impunity for rubber, coal
Residents of a commune in the central province of Quang Nam are reduced to helpless anger as they watch surrounding forests destroyed illegally by a rubber company.

Questions raised over Quang Nam’s deforestation
The deforestation of hundreds of hectares of primitive forest in Tam My Tay Commune, Quang Nam Province, has caused obvious consequences to the water source of Phu Ninh Lake, as well as the existence of troops of gray- shanked douc (Pygathrix cinerea).

VN’s douc face risk of extinction due to deforestation
Hundreds of hectares of protected forest in Tam My Tay Commune, Quang Nam Province, are being cut down. The alarming deforestation is not only posing a threat to water sources, but also the existence of the gray-shanked douc, which has been listed in the Red Data Book.

‘10,000-year-old’ seeds debunked
Lupine seeds once thought to be 10,000 years old, but now known to date from the 1950s
The oldest viable seeds in the world, dating from the Pleistocene era, are not what we thought.

Age of the Amazon River estimated at 11 million years
A new study estimates the age of the Amazon river at 11 million years.

Right now, there’s more money to be made cutting tropical forests down than leaving them standing. Environmental policymakers are trying to reverse that equation.

Can charcoal barbecues be green?

Friends of the Earth have been campaigning for years to stop using charcoal from as far afield as south-east Asia.

Change in the air
Past efforts to save tropical forests have largely failed. The world community, prompted by rising concerns about climate change, is finally considering a solution that might work.

Climate change around the world
World leaders at the G8 summit in Italy are negotiating a deal to limit the effects of climate change. Temperature change, precipitation, desertification, loss of biodiversity, fires and floods are expected in the future all around the globe.

Climate found most important in wildfires
Scientists say they’ve determined climate – not high temperatures or longer fire seasons – is the most significant factor in wildfires.

Companies benefit from reducing conflict with local people
Mechanisms to mitigate disputes with local communities, can reduce risk for companies seeking to profit from forest use while at the same time helping protect rights of forest people.

Corruption linked to Borneo deforestation
Once considered the green lungs of Asia, Borneo now provides a lucrative home for palm oil growers and timber corporations.

Declaration of the leaders of the major economies forum on energy and climate
A draft of the communique that is due to be issued by world leaders at the Major Economies Forum

Dix-sept mille espèces animales menacées d’extinction
L’UICN indique que le réchauffement du climat n’est pas la seule menace pour les animaux. Les dommages causés directement par l’homme sont souvent encore plus dévastateurs. Le déboisement, la pollution et la surpêche sont désastreux pour la nature.

Efficient cooking stoves
Simple and inexpensive biomass cooking stoves can slash emissions, save forests and avoid lung disease.

Efficiency, renewables and trees vital to global climate goals
Scaling up energy efficiency, renewable energy and deforestation prevention can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the short-term while next generation technologies are developed.

El sistema de certificación forestal PEFC cumple diez años
Con más de 220 millones de hectáreas de bosque certificado (1.123.814 hectáreas en España), PEFC es, hoy día, el sistema de certificación forestal más importante del planeta. En la actualidad actúa como paraguas de los sistemas de certificación nacional de veintiocho Estados, además de cinco países miembros que aún no tienen reconocido su sistema.

El árbol más caro del mundo
La explotación del granadillo negro o ébano de Mozambique (Dalbergia melanoxylon), conocido por los habitantes del lugar como mpingo, lo ha llevado al borde de la extinción en el sur de Etiopía y en Kenia. Se estima que en el mundo quedan menos de tres millones de granadillos negros, la mayoría de los cuales se ubican en Tanzania y el norte de Mozambique.

El pulmón del universo, en peligro
Ambientalistas advierten que proyectos de desarrollo en Brasil y Perú amenazan con aumentar la deforestación y ponen en riesgo la supervivencia de especies en la selva amazónica.

Emerging El Nino set to drive up carbon emissions
Across the globe an emerging El Nino weather pattern threatens to cause droughts and floods and trigger a spike in planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from burning forests.

Environmental groups increasingly powerful
With deforestation increasingly driven by industrial actors, rather than subsistence farmers, tropical timber managers should be aware of the growing clout of environmental groups in swaying public opinion.

Expert stresses Unesco plan to establish camel farms
The lack of response from Qatar and the rest of the Arab world to a novel proposal from the Unesco for establishing camel farms to combat desertification is surprising.

Extinction risk for Amazonian plants may be lower than previously estimated
Five to nine percent of the Amazon’s 40,000 known species of plants will be at risk of extinction by 2050 should current deforestation trends continue.

Ferns took to the trees and thrived during Cretaceous period
As flowering plants like giant trees quickly rose to dominate plant communities during the Cretaceous period, the ferns that had preceded them hardly saw it as a disappointment.

Forest fire prevention efforts could lessen carbon sequestration, add to greenhouse warming
Widely sought efforts to reduce fuels that increase catastrophic fire in Pacific Northwest forests will be counterproductive to another important societal goal of sequestering carbon to help offset global warming.

Forest fires vs. forest carbon
Should forests be thinned to reduce fires, or should they be tended to store the maximum amount of carbon in their trees to prevent global warming?

Forest protection invites trouble for trees
Does protecting forests simply displace deforestation elsewhere? One study published this week suggests not, while another warns that it attracts people seeking work, threatening forest and wildlife.

Forêts tropicales et tourbières: des puits de carbone essentiels
La restauration et la protection des grands écosystèmes planétaires (forêts, tourbières, mangroves…) pourraient permettre de lutter plus efficacement contre le réchauffement climatique, selon un rapport du Programme des Nations Unies pour l’environnement (PNUE).

From Kyoto to Copenhagen
This December, the world community will meet in Denmark to fashion a new climate change treaty. Deforestation is on the agenda. What are the odds of a deal?

G8 leaders declare support for REDD forest conservation initiative
A declaration issued by political leaders meeting at the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy, included a strong statement on the need to include forest conservation in a future climate agreement.

‘Greedy’ trees still leave room for the little plants
While they might hog the bulk of the resources, trees still leave enough “crumbs” for smaller neighbouring plants to eke out a living, researchers say. The finding contradicts previous notions of plant competition and adds support to a new view of how a plant’s size affects the survival and composition of its neighbouring species.

How flowers conquered the world
The great explosion in flowering plants during the Cretaceous period is one of the great enigmas of evolution.

L’Aquila summit needs to capitalise on global goodwill on climate change
Energy, energy efficiency and forest protection must be the focus for reducing carbon emissions at the meeting in Italy

Le G8 se garde au chaud la question du climat
Comme prévu, le sommet du G8 s’est ouvert à L’Aquila, en Italie, par des discussions sur les moyens d’enrayer le réchauffement climatique, point de convergence s’il en est, des principaux dirigeants de la planète.

Locking up carbon with biochar
Turning crop wastes and other biomass into charcoal and spreading it on tropical soils can sequester carbon and boost crop productivity.

Los bosques agonizantes potencian el cambio climático
Sequías, invasiones de insectos, incendios y tormentas causarían una vasta destrucción forestal. Aseguran que si sube 2,5 grados más la temperatura de la Tierra, en vez de absorber el carbono lo liberarán.

Mangrove-dependent animals globally threatened
Substantial numbers of terrestrial vertebrates are restricted to mangrove forests. Many of these specialized species are listed as threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Prospects for mangrove-restricted animals are bleak, because more than two percent of mangrove forests are lost each year.

Plant life saved Earth from an icy fate
Besides the obvious benefits they bring, it looks like we owe our very existence to plants, which helped prevent the Earth from freezing over during the past 25 million years.

Protection of land crabs critical to the conservation of coastal tropical forests
The impact of land crabs on the near-ocean forests in which they live has long been overlooked, with emphasis placed instead on water levels, salinity, and other abiotic influences. However, a new research shows that land crab influence is among the most important factors affecting tropical forest growth along coasts, on islands, and in mangroves.

REDD readiness plans for Panama, Guyana approved but rejected for Indonesia
Readiness plans are the first step toward a country qualifying for payments under the proposed Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) mechanism, a climate change mitigation scheme that would pay tropical countries for conserving their forests.

Regenerating grasslands
Grazing cattle in a way that imitates the movements of wild herds could lock huge quantities of CO2 into the world’s dry soils.

Research into drugs derived from natural products declining
Review reports that many pharma companies have eliminated their natural product research programs in the past decade, while from 2001 to 2008 there was a 30 percent drop in the number of natural product-based drugs undergoing clinical studies.

The Responsible Business Awards defy parody
The self-congratulatory masters of greenwash gathered to applaud one other with an audacity that defies belief.

Was ancient Earth a green planet?
Earth’s landmasses in the late Precambrian probably weren’t pleasant, but at least they were green. A new analysis of limestone rocks laid down between 1 billion and 500 million years ago suggests that there was extensive plant life on land much earlier than previously thought.

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Author: Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.