Innovations in urban agriculture : vertical gardening, roof gardens, school gardens (City Farmer News / MediaGlobal)

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Urban agriculture innovations feed Sub-Saharan African cities

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Recent innovations in urban agriculture production technologies promote space and waste management. Examples are vertical gardens that make use of recycled sacks or biodegradable cement bags, and rooftop gardens that harvest and treat household wastewater.

Urban farming activities are being brought to school gardens and extension schools that provide urban farmers and students with materials and technical assistance.

By Toni Bacala
Media Global
23 Feb, 2011


“There is increasing recognition of the urbanization of the world and the role that urban and peri-urban agriculture plays to provide food supplies for the population that is most vulnerable in cities,” Daniel Gustafson, Director of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Liaison Office for North America told MediaGlobal.

Urban growth has been tightly linked with the rise of slum population. In sub-Saharan Africa, the swelling of urban population with migrants displaced from conflict and natural disasters has pushed many people to the slums, which is now 62 percent of its urban populace.

Slum dwellers have restricted access to adequate and safe food, water, sanitation, employment, and education. Dependence on consumer products is further aggravated by the rising cost of food and limited, often nonexistent, economic resources to neither produce nor purchase it.



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