On TheWaterChannel four very informative videos on soil erosion (IISD)

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Soil Erosion: Need to renew focus?

Soil erosion is perhaps the least talked-about environmental problem we face today. However, many experts think that its impact on food and water security is more severe than that of Climate Change.

The bad news: 24 percent of the global land area is experiencing degradation. Most of this chunk lies south of the Equator- SE Asia, Northern/Central Australia, the Pampas and swaths of boreal forest in Siberia and North America. The good news: 16 per cent of the land mass shows signs of improvement. 18 per cent of this is cropland, 23 per cent forests and 43 per cent rangeland.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Zoebisch,  we now have on TheWaterChannel four very informative videos on soil erosion. Shot in East Asia and West Punjab, they explain the causes and consequences of soil erosion. Around 20-years old but still very relevant, the videos also serve as a visual guide to the ‘how-to’s of specific conservation/restoration techniques.

·         Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation in Rain-fed Areas of West Punjab
·         Simple Methods of Check Dam Construction
·         Journey of the Soil
·         Simple Techniques of Terrace Layout

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