Windowsill gardening for houses and schools in desertified regions (Willem Van Cotthem)

My friend Martine DAUBREME (Planetfuture) send me this nice photo of her mini-kitchen garden on a windowsill :

2011-04-28 – Mini-kitchen garden on a windowsill. Celery, parsley, spekboom or Portulacaria afra and lettuce. Container types with 2 opposite drainage holes 2,5 cm above the bottom : yogurt pots and a small bottle (Photo Martine DAUBREME)

It’s shocking how simple it is to grow juicy vegetables and a young tree inside the house.  No more drought and desertification problems causing lack of vitamins.  No more irrigation and soil fertilization problems of the soil. Permaculture in a simple pot : eat the vegetables and leave the roots in the pot to decompose, delivering  more organic matter and keeping the pots ready for reception of the next seeds or seedlings.

You combat desertification ?  You mitigate drought ?  You save water ? You need fresh food in a dry place ?

Why don’t you use your imagination and start growing fresh food in all sorts of containers ?  Keep drought and desert outside and transform your room into a greenhouse with extremely simple and indescribably cheap means !

The combat of malnutrition and other health problems will be won with inexpensive containers, inside the houses, inside the classrooms, not with sophisticated food of foreign companies.

If only one wants to change the tune of possible profits !

Five minutes of political will would suffice to start changing the physical condition of the malnourished children of this world.  And don’t forget : it’s so simple that even the kids can grow their own vegetables at home and at school.

Why do people continue to turn their head away ? Who is keeping business running ?


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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.