Small yard container gardening: to be multiplied for all the hungry and malnourished (Jojo ROM / Willem VAN COTTHEM)

Surfing over a multitude of photos on Facebook, I discovered today some magnificent photos of Jojo ROM’s yard (The Philippines) in which a huge number of containers with vegetables are displayed.

2010-12 - Jojo Rom with one of his hundreds of recycled plastic bottles to grow vegetables in his small yard (Photo Jojo Rom)
2010-01 - Bottle wall is perforated with a soldering iron (Photo Jojo Rom)

I can’t resist recommending to multiply this “success story” (best practice) for the one billion hungry of this world.

Jojo recycled all the containers he could find, filled them with his own potting mix, seeded and planted.  The result is astonishingly fantastic : heaps of vegetables and fruits with a minimum of irrigation water, a lot of money saved (high prices on the market), better health of his family.

No wonder that Jojo’s fame in he Philippines is quickly growing.  A lot of followers, setting up their own container garden, has already been registered.

Tell your friends and interested decision-makers that this is one of the best techniques to solve the worldwide hunger problem.

Here are some of Jojo’s photos :

2010-12 - Jojo ROM's yard with a lot of vegetables growing in bottles and other recycled containers. Jojo had built, right over a small pond, a wooden stand on which more bottles were to be placed, thus enhancing production in the smallest space (Photo Jojo Rom)
2010-10 - Bottles with vegetables on both sides of the wooden stand (Photo Jojo Rom)
2010 - The wooden stand loaded with plastic bottles in which tomatoes, onions, lettuce etc. are growing. Underneath the small pond. Imagine such a stand for every family in the refugee camps ! (Photo Jojo Rom)
2010-10 - Impressive lettuce production in bottles (Photo Jojo Rom)
2011-04 - Jojo ROM's container garden full of fresh food (Photo Jojo ROM)
2011-04 - Vegetables and fruits in Jojo Rom's container garden. A stand with bottles in the background (Photo Jojo ROM)
2011-04 - Who wouldn't like to have such a container garden in his/her small yard ? Recycled containers, local dirt with manure or compost, small investment, huge interest AND NO MORE HUNGER (Photo Jojo Rom)
2010-12 - Container gardening in normally discarded bottles can be a tremendous tool to combat child malnutrition, particularly in the drylands (Photo Jojo Rom)
2010-10 - Tomatoes in recycled bottles (Photo Jojo Rom)

Author: Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.

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