How it is possible in this world : A splendid photo and comments about hunger and malnutrition (BacWorm Farmer / Jenn Jones-Cunningham / Willem Van Cotthem)

Today I re-posted a photo of BacWorm Farmer on my Facebook-page :

It shows a girl in The Philippines spraying (with fermented seaweeds) her lettuce, Chinese cabbage (pechay), onions and other vegetables grown in bottles and crates on a riser.

Riser with bottles and crates on a riser. Lettuce, pechay and onions are being sprayed with fermented seaweeds (Photo BacWorm Farmer)

It is one of the many good photos published by the UCG (Urban Container Gardening Enthusiasts) and the HFC (Home farmer Club) in The Philippines, showing the incredible progress made by container gardening in this country with recurrent flooding.



MY COMMENTS (Willem Van Cotthem)

(1) This is an extremely valuable way of producing food, not only in a space saving style, but saving water and fertilizer as well.

(2) Food production in containers (bottles, crates, pots, buckets, sacks, etc.) can be done almost everywhere, even in urban areas.

(3) Container gardening is incredibly simple and effective.  Even children can participate in it.

(4) One can teach children at school how to produce fresh food, rich in vitamins and minerals, in all kinds of otherwise discarded containers.

(5) All hungry people should learn how to become independent of food aid with this low-tech and inexpensive technology.


Therefore, I take Sasha’s point : “We need to spread this information like a green wildfire! Banish hunger !“.

Author: Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.