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I just got back from Ethiopia, where I visited one of WFP’s amazing food centers that specializes in helping the most vulnerable people — pregnant women, mothers and children younger than five-years-old — get the nutrition they need for a bright future. I witnessed how we save lives and provide hope to mothers and children every day.

Good nutrition is the kind of thing that you and I can take for granted. But without the right nutritious foods, people can be more vulnerable to disease and are less likely to reach their full mental and physical potential.

Getting the right nutrition is critical in a child’s first 1,000 days, from pregnancy to age two, when bodies and minds are first formed. WFP’s specialized nutrition programs are essential to reach children at this most crucial time of their lives. Providing the right nutrition at the right time is one of the ways that WFP is solving global hunger. Join us and send an e-card telling your friends and family that together we can solve global hunger.

It’s remarkable how quickly you can see the impact that nutritious food has on a young child. I learned how a little boy named Abdi came to WFP so malnourished that he couldn’t even stand up — but after just a few months of receiving the very specialized nutrition treatment that WFP offers, he’s eating, he’s smiling, he’s dancing… And there are thousands of stories just like his.

But our work doesn’t stop there; we want to prevent malnutrition from happening in the first place. That’s why WFP teaches mothers about the nutritious foods their children need, ways to keep their children healthy, and how to share what they have learned with others — helping families become self sufficient and breaking the cycle of malnutrition.

I met an incredible woman in Ethiopia named Sahandi who came to WFP seeking help for her children. After she learned about the benefits of good nutrition, Sahandi began teaching other mothers as well. Now she is considered an expert in her community, and she helps give children a brighter future every day.

WFP’s programs give people hope and the chance to reach their full potential. We believe that hunger is solvable and we’re doing whatever it takes. Send an e-card to help solve global hunger today.

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Michael Redante
Online Fundraising
World Food Program

World Food Program USA is a nonprofit organization that builds support in the United States to end global hunger. WFP USA engages individuals and organizations, shapes public policy and generates resources for the United Nations World Food Program and other hunger relief operations.



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Willem Van Cotthem

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