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Climate change affects the distribution of rainfall in Indian subcontinent. How can we find strategies to avoid impacts on food crops?

This interesting questing has been put by Jayanta DUTTA.  He added : ” …………………..

I would like to start a discussion to point out the possible measures to assess this change, so that food production isn’t affected.

An important number of people contributed to the discussion with constructive views.

Here is my view on this problem :

Decision-makers and responsible authorities, in particular FAO, WFP and the Ministries of Agriculture, should build strategies taking into account the lessons learned in success stories of reducing irrigation of food crops. Moreover, the universal movements of individuals and groups to produce food at the non-industrial level (container gardening, guerilla gardening, vertical gardening, sack gardening in slums and refugee camps, etc. …) show that modern methods and technologies have been developed to minimalize the effects of climate change. Small-scale farmers are often our front-men in adaptation to environmental problems. It suffices to help them to apply “their strategies”.


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Willem Van Cotthem

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