Sustainable and decentralized water management (Tamera)

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3rd International Water Symposium: “Water Retention Landscapes – a pathway towards sustainable and decentralized water management”

Tamera, Portugal June 7th -9th, 2013

The global water situation continues to get worse. One billion people currently lack access to clean drinking water. 

Even in Europe, governments are privatizing water rights. By doing so they hand over the control of this vital resource to profit interests. Desertification, floods, rising sea levels, forest fires, and droughts—which are generally considered to be either symptoms of climate change, or natural disasters—are to a large extent due to poor water management. And therefore, there are solutions. Building water retention landscapes is an effective first step towards the healing of nature and towards the development of modern subsistence economies.

Water is more than a chemical formula. It is a central, living part of the biosphere, within which nearly all the secrets of the universe are present. The proper handling of water shows us how we can change destroyed landscapes back into blossoming gardens again. Planet Earth is able to provide all living beings with enough water, food and energy, “…if we no longer follow the laws of profit but the logic of nature” (Dieter Duhm, founder of Tamera)

Bernd Müller and the ecology team of Tamera have invited international water experts, politicians, scientists, media representatives, and specialists. They will share their knowledge, to together form a powerful alliance for the protection of water.


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