Agriculture a priority among development policies in Africa


Africa: Agriculture Tops Africa’s Dev’t Agenda

– “It has always been heading our dev’t strategy”- Khalid Bomba, CEO of ATA

Leadership and ownership to achieve food security has made agriculture a priority among development policies in Africa, while it has been in the forefront of Ethiopia’s development strategy. This was disclosed at one of the side events of the International Financing for Development Conference entitled ‘Leadership and Partnership to Achieve Global Food Security’, organized by the US government and the African Union Commission held to highlight how African Union’s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is working across Africa.

One of the panel discussions held on the programme highlighted the promotion and implementation of the CAADP model in Africa with its effects on multi-sector involvement in the sector. Dr. Abebe Haile Gabriel, Director for Rural Economy and Agriculture with the AU, on the occasion said that before the launch of CAADP in 2003, the agriculture sector didn’t have friends in those places that can make things happen and it was characterized by neglect.

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