How to save trees from drought ?

Photo credit: Nature World News

Droughts have been found to affect trees a decade later, and steps have been outlined for saving a percentage of such trees. (Photo : Duke University)

10-Year Tree-Death Period After Drought–Remedies?

By Samantha Mathewson

Trees need water. So it’s easy to assume that a period of drought can greatly affect them. But did you know that droughts can cause a decade’s worth of problems for these plants?

A recent Duke University examined data back to 1993 on roughly 29,000 trees in two research forests in North Carolina, discovering that among drought-damaged trees that failed to recover, 72% were killed within a decade. The study, which outlines a time period during which forest managers can take action to possibly save trees, was recently published in Ecological Applications.

This study was led by Aaron Berdanier, a Ph.D. student in forest ecology at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. He explains that as trees’ growth is slowed during a drought, their ability to take in a sufficient amount of carbon is weakened. “If the tree can’t reverse this trend, its health progressively declines and over time it slowly dies,” Berdanier said in a statement.

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