South-South development cooperation

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Is South-South cooperation just a catchphrase?

“The main difference that’s put forth is that cooperation is horizontal, and that what [global South countries] do is different, and comes from a different background than traditional donors” – Jurek Seifert, Institute of Development Research and Development Policy, Germany

by Laura Owings

The term global South is often used to lump together everything that is not a traditional industrialised country. But comprised as it is of the nations of Africa, Central and South America and parts of Asia, the global South is much more diverse in capacity and economic activity than the label implies — its emerging markets offer numerous opportunities for economic growth, investment and cultural contribution.

At the World Social Science Forum 2015 in Durban, South Africa, this week, the debate focused on how countries in the global South can join forces to become the facilitators of their own, collective growth. In other words, how can they be stronger together?

According to Jurek Seifert, from the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy in Germany, South-South development cooperation is framed as help among equals and as being fundamentally different from the North-South approach.

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