Smallholder farmers and agroecology

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In a new report launched today, small scale food producers present their first ever common vision on agroecology for Food Sovereignty to Governments assembled at the Committee on World Food Security. Representing the producers of 70% of the world’s food, they call for an immediate transformation of food system towards agroecology.


Small scale food producers launch the first ever joint vision for Agroecology

“Agroecology practiced by small scale producers generates local knowledge, promotes social justice, nurtures identity and culture and strengthens the economic viability of rural areas,” states the Report of the International Forum of Agroecology at the Nyeleni Center, Mali. “Agroecology is political; it requires us to challenge and transform structures of power in society. We need to put the control of seeds, biodiversity, land and territories, waters, knowledge, culture and the commons in the hands of the peoples who feed the world.”

The common vision was developed at the historic Forum through dialogue among food producers such as peasants, artisanal fisherfolk, the landless, rural workers, indigenous peoples, hunters and gatherers, pastoralists and nomadic peoples, urban communities and consumers. They warn against the corporate co-option of agroecology through initiatives such as Climate Smart Agriculture. These attempt to redefine agroecology as a narrow set of technologies without challenging the industrial food system, or its existing structures of power.

Small scale food producers demand that policy makers respect and reinforce their agroecological processes rather than support forces that destroy them.

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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.