HungerFree to end global hunger one community at a time

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HungerFree’s plan is to end global hunger one community at a time. That’s an ambitious goal.

HungerFree Doubles Up Its Efforts to End Global Hunger

Nearly 800 million people worldwide suffer from hunger, and the average age of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa is roughly 60 years old. The United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO) predicts that, worldwide, there will be 74.2 million unemployed young people this year, an increase of 3.8 million since 2007. To improve food security in the face of an aging population of farmers in Africa, it is therefore imperative that more young people find a place in their agricultural communities.

Paul Newnham, Global Youth Engagement Director at World Vision International, plans to tackle global hunger by engaging young people worldwide. Newnham is leading HungerFree, the organization’s new initiative to combat global hunger and inspire youth to discover a sustainable future in agriculture. Food Tank spoke with Newnham and Thabani Maphosa, Food Assistance Partnership Leader with World Vision, to find out more about this promising new initiative.

Food Tank (FT): Paul and Thabani, could you tell us more about how HungerFree got started?

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