Consortium of Science and Knowledge Networks on Sustainable Land Management (ICoN SLM)


DesertNet International Newsletter n. 3/2015

Message from Wafa Essahli 

Chair of DesertNet International

Dear members of DesertNet International,

The major event of recent months was the participation of DesertNet International at the twelfth Conference of the Parties of the UNCCD (CoP12) that was held in Ankara, Turkey from 12th to 23rd October 2015 through the side event organised by the newly created International Consortium of Science and Knowledge Networks on Sustainable Land Management (ICoN SLM).

ICoN SLM is a network of networks founded by DNI, WOCAT and GNDRI. Since its launch in Windhoek on September 2013 during UNCCD CoP11, DNI has been very active in its implementation process.

The side event in Ankara on:

Policy‐oriented research to achieve land degradation neutrality: ICoN SLM‘s contributions to COP 12

aimed at discussing the policy oriented research needs proposed by ICoN SLM and to identify ways to operationalise LDN and develop a process for concrete interactions between ICoN SLM and the UNCCD’s Science Policy Interface (SPI).

The side event saw the active participation of many representatives of the Parties who provided precious feedback on how ICoN SLM could interact between the scientific community on one side and the SPI of the UNCCD on the other to achieve the upscaling of SLM strategies at Government level.

Certainly, ICoN SLM gives DNI a great opportunity to strengthen its activities and improve its impact on the UNCCD’s related knowledge and science development. DNI’s members present in Ankara also discussed the network’s activities and sought to identify all the opportunities offered by their projects to initiate actions that can mobilize members and increase the visibility of our network.

Wafa Essahli

DNI and ICoN SLM Chair


Published by

Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.