It’s only a start in Egypt

The project aims to decrease the food gap and limit food imports, says Prime Minister

Photo credit: Daily News Egypt

1.5m acres project only a start: Al-Sisi

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated the 1.5m acres reclamation project Wednesday, which aims to increase Egypt’s actual agricultural land by 20% outside the Delta.

Al-Sisi said the acres will be presented to the public for sale, a provision that is an investment in national food security as much as an investment in their individual futures. The Egyptian government will subsidise the appraised value of the land to enable large scale purchase.

Al-Sisi promised that the agricultural lands will not only provide economic stability to farmers, but will provide places of residence and services to them and their families.

The inauguration was attended by several state officials, military ranks, and ministers.

Al-Sisi gave a speech after the inauguration, in which he stated that the 1.5m acres project is only the first of other national projects to follow. The president pointed to the Rakhawy City project in Sinai and the furniture city in Damietta, asserting that these projects will begin within six months to one year.

Al-Sisi inaugurated the project by the symbolic planting of a tree, while accompanied by university students.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Defence, the project is a continuation of the “state’s effort to strategically plan developmental projects in Egypt”.

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