Poverty alleviation and agriciulture

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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Agriculture as a Gateway to Poverty Alleviation

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs seeks to provide insight and impact discourse on important global issues. The Council’s Global Agricultural Development Initiative aims to promote policy innovations and accountability, as well as food security as a strategy for poverty alleviation. In addition, the Council facilitates discussion on global food security issues by hosting an annual symposium.

Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Louise Iverson, research associate, at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Food Tank (FT): How do you contribute to creating a better food system?

Louise Iverson (LI): The Chicago Council on Global Affairs provides a forum for world leaders, policymakers, and other experts to speak to its members and the public on global issues. The Chicago Council’s global agriculture and food security project aims to inform and build support in the U.S. Administration, Congress, policy and business circles for a long-term U.S. commitment to agriculture as a tool for poverty alleviation, food security, and economic growth. The Council aims to build long-term support for U.S. investments in global food systems in low-income countries and spurs dialogue on U.S. global agricultural development and food security policy.

FT: What is a project, program, or result you are most proud of?

LI: Each year, the Council produces a study on a prominent issue related to global agricultural development for release at its annual Global Food Security Symposium. The Symposium has become a landmark event for the discussion of global food security issues. The event has featured major keynote addresses from Heads of State such as President Barack Obama and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, and global philanthropists such as Bono and Bill Gates. It serves as a platform for key international and U.S. announcements, including the release of the 2014 U.S. Global Nutrition Strategy, the roll out of the 2012 G8 New Alliance on Food Security and Nutrition, and the release of the 2010 U.S. Feed the Future Guide.

FT: What are your goals for this year and beyond?

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