A ‘permanent’ kitchen garden in the White House


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The White House will now have a ‘permanent’ kitchen garden

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A $2.5 million donation to the National Park Foundation will keep Michelle Obama’s Kitchen Garden legacy alive for years to come.

In “it’s about time” news, the White House may be getting a ‘permanent’ kitchen garden on the premises, which is intended to build on and develop the initiative started by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2009. Using the national symbol of governance to educate and inspire people to grow some of the their own food is a laudable effort, and one which has a lot of potential.

“This garden represents the transformational change we’ve seen in just the past six and a half years, as well as our collective hopes for growing a healthier nation for our children.” – First Lady Michelle Obama

It will be a legacy of Michelle Obama’s time in the White House, a manifestation of her “crazy idea that what if we planted a garden on the White House lawn to start a conversation about where our food comes from and how it impacts our children’s health” that began to take root even before President Obama was first elected. This Kitchen Garden could serve the future residents of that dwelling for many years to come by providing fresh local homegrown produce, and could also serve as an educational and outreach tool that furthers the original goal.


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