Recycle to access profits (Access Profits 101)

Recycle to access profits

You can access profits for the poorest people around the world, from seeds you normally throw out.

Prof. Dr. Willem Van Cotthem, in Belgium, wants to outlaw hunger and poverty. Here’s how you can help him  –  by using something you normally throw away, and without it costing you any more than postage.

Save the seeds from tropical fruit and vegetables that you use. Rinse the seeds and let dry on a plate (not paper). Once they’re dry, place the seeds in an envelope, and mark it so you will know what type of seeds they are.

Dr. Van Cotthem will use the seeds in gardens for the purpose of eliminating hunger.

Some time ago, he was invited by UNICEF Algeria, to advise on the project Family gardens and school gardens in the Saharawi refugee camps in South-East Algeria.
He advised refugee families and schools how to lay out small gardens,  with minimal water and fertilizers.

It’s his desire to eliminate hunger around the world. And he asks each of us to send him seeds. The more seeds that are gathered,  the more families will be helped.

Click here to view the Seeds for Food website.

Dr. Van Cotthem’s contact information is:

Prof. Dr. Willem VAN COTTHEM
Beeweg 36
B-9080 ZAFFELARE (Belgique)

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