Property Rights Can Reverse Desertification (Blogcatalog / SayAnythingBlog)

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Property Rights Can Reverse Desertification.

The Whistler •  June 6, 2010

Savory’s work fits the bill. By combating desertification in Africa, he argues that families are able to once again earn a living from the land; that in turn reduces poverty and violence. “Allan is an absolute pioneer in ecological design,” says Thompson.

But Savory’s prescription seems shockingly simple–and it’s taken him 50 years of work to convince others that he’s not crazy. The core of Holistic Management is simply grazing local livestock in super dense herds that mimic the grazing patterns of big-game (which have since disappeared). Those livestock in turn till the soil with their hooves and fertilize it with their dung–thus preparing the land for new vegetation in a cycle that was evolved over millions of years.

Surprisingly, that flies in the face of modern wisdom about land management–the typical response is to rest land completely, and livestock are often named as the chief culprits in desertification. “We’ve been ridiculed for 50 years,” says Savory. But he argues that examples from around the world show that resting the land doesn’t prepare it for the return of vegetation–instead, it simply remains barren, with rain simply running off soil that stays cracked and dry. “But when you range animals correctly, the land starts returning,” he says. “The only thing that can do it is a heavy herbivore with a wet gut.”

I find it not very shocking that the environmentalist experts were wrong again. How much government money have they wasted doing studies on their failed ideology that’s made things worse. What’s worse is how much have they contributed to poverty and misery in the people that live there that were denied the right to earn a living. Continue reading “Property Rights Can Reverse Desertification (Blogcatalog / SayAnythingBlog)”

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