id21NRNews 36, September 2007 (id21)

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id21NRNews 36 – the latest id21 Natural Resources research highlights

*** id21NRNews 36, September 2007


* id21 viewpoint – Conservation and human displacement: what should conservation NGOs do?

Millions of rural and indigenous people are displaced from their lands
each year. Indigenous advocates and social scientists criticise
conservation organisations for promoting protected areas for
biodiversity conservation, which can cause displacement. The
conservation community must respond.

* The best of both worlds: balancing conservation and development in Indonesia

Tropical forests are under threat from development. However, development also brings benefits such as improved access to healthcare. Is it possible to protect forests and ensure a better life for local people?

* Agricultural efficiency and unemployment in South Africa

Improved efficiency in agricultural practices leads to cheaper food
prices, benefiting poor people in particular. However, agricultural
employment may also decline, increasing the number of people in that sector without an income.

* Large-scale livestock production and global disease risk

 Globalisation has brought an unwelcome problem- increased risk of transboundary diseases. This problem is apparent in the livestock sector, where global networks link animal production, processing and distribution systems.

* Can integrated water resource management work for irrigation projects in Nigeria?

Integrated water resource management is an increasingly popular approach in developing countries. This approach, which recognises the links between land use and water resources, is used to manage the many competing demands on water resources. Despite this popularity, it has been criticised as being inflexible and difficult to adapt to widely differing circumstances around the world.

Drinking water essentials for decision-makers (SciDev.Net)

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New web resource covers drinking water essentials

Catarina Amorim
14 September 2007
Source: SciDev.Net



The US National Academy of Sciences has launched a new web resource, providing information for decision-makers on global drinking water problems and the technology available to solve them. The ‘Safe Drinking Water Is Essential’ initiative was launched this week (12 September) in Washington, United States. The resource aims to help international decision-makers improve drinking water supplies in their countries by providing reliable scientific information. Continue reading “Drinking water essentials for decision-makers (SciDev.Net)”

Time to Do Better on Global Poverty, Sanitation, Water Scarcity and Climate Change (IISD / SIWI)

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Watch CNBC’s Global Players television programme from the Water Week
on August 18-19. Visit <> for details and broadcast times

 Strong Messages as 2007 World Water Week Ends: It is Time to Do Better on Global Poverty, Sanitation, Water Scarcity and Climate Change

A 2007 World Water Week in Stockholm ( <> ) that began with a call for governments around the world to better manage their existing water resources concluded Friday morning with the 2,500 participants from 140 countries saying, collectively that progress is being made, but in the face of global poverty, critical lack of sanitation, water scarcity and climate change, we all need to do much better. The date, theme and location for the 2008 event was also announced: “Progress and Prospects on Water: For a Clean and Healthy World,” to be held August 17-23, 2008, at the Stockholm International Fairs centre. Continue reading “Time to Do Better on Global Poverty, Sanitation, Water Scarcity and Climate Change (IISD / SIWI)”

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