Neglected and underutilised plant species (NUS) – (New Agriculturist)

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Fighting poverty, hunger and malnutrition with neglected and underutilized species

By Stefano Padulosi, Judith Thompson and Per Rudebjer
Published by Bioversity International
2013, 60 pp, ISBN 978-92-9043-941-7, free to download

Despite getting little attention from researchers, crop breeders and policymakers, neglected and underutilised plant species (NUS) play a vital role in household nutrition for millions of families. This short, attractively presented guide outlines their value to food security, food system resilience, nutrition, livelihoods and cultural identity, drawing on success stories from around the world. In India and Nepal, for example, NUS have played a prominent role in empowering women and boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence. In Bolivia, a partnership with a coffee-shop chain helped popularise new snacks made from amaranth flour.


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