Climate change, land use and global food demand.


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Climate change means land use will need to change to keep up with global food demand, say scientists

September 20, 2016
University of Birmingham
Without significant improvements in technology, global crop yields are likely to fall in the areas currently used for production of the world’s three major cereal crops, forcing production to move to new areas, new research suggests.

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Journal Reference:

  1. T.A.M. Pugh, C. Müller, J. Elliott, D. Deryng, C. Folberth, S. Olin, E. Schmid, A. Arneth. Climate analogues suggest limited potential for intensification of production on current croplands under climate change. Nature Communications, 2016; 7: 12608 DOI:10.1038/ncomms12608


MY COMMENT (Prof. Dr. Willem VAN COTTHEM, University of Ghent, Belgium)

It would be very interesting if research could be set up on the possible role to be played by CONTAINER GARDENING in the global food demand within the framework of climate change.

To what extend could “container gardening” contribute to food security for hungry families ?

A suggestion for the interested colleagues ?

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