UNCCD Secretariat Evaluates the Effectiveness of NAPs in Advance of CRIC 13

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has published an evaluation report on the effectiveness of national action programmes (NAPs) as tools for policy change, based on the premise that “a virtuous circle” exists between the dual roles of NAPs as both a practical framework for action and a driver of political action. The evaluation stresses that this circle has in fact broken down, and explores the political dimension of obstacles to national-level implementation of action on desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD).

The report, titled ‘Evaluation of the effectiveness of national action programmes to implement the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification,‘ seeks to identify blockages that are keeping DLDD from being taken seriously at the national level and the reasons behind examples of stronger political will to take effective action, including cases where NAPs may not have been a prominent part of the structures and measures employed. It offers conclusions relating to how NAPs are conceived and designed, as well as how they are supported by the UNCCD Secretariat.

 Read the full article: IISD

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