Forest encroaching in Uganda

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Ugana, Bwindi Impenetrablr Forest

Uganda Forests in Danger

East African Business Week (Kampala) – 25 JANUARY 2015


Kampala — A parliamentary commission wants the management at the National Forestry Authority to take action against all encroachers in the central forests reserves in the country.

The MPs on the committee are disgruntled with the Authority’s soft handling the encroachers yet their actions have devastated the country’s natural resource.

According to the committee NEMA failed to punish individuals who had been granted permission to plant trees in the central forest reserves but instead began growing crops thus clearing large chunks of trees for crop farming.

The failure by NFA to enforce Forestry regulation is responsible for the massive destruction of the forest cover in the country; Uganda has lost big percentages of its natural forests resources as result of encroachers.

According to the Sector performing report for the Ministry of water for the financial year 2012/2013, reveals that the area of natural forests and woodlands is drastically reducing. By 2009, Uganda’s forest cover was 18%, having declined from 24%in 1990.

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