CIAT’s agroforestry project on biodiversity and other ecosystem services

Photo credit: CIAT Blog

Juan Delgado, a farmer in Chalatenango, is collecting beans growing on trees within his Agroforestry system

Agroforestry systems: Preliminary lessons learned with small farmers in El Salvador


“Smooth sailing” is the way to describe the progress made by CIAT’s agroforestry project on biodiversity and other ecosystem services.

The project aims to promote the adaptation and dissemination of agroforestry production systems as options that can eco-efficiently respond to climate change, while restoring the provision of key ecosystem services. The project collaborates with the farmers and local organizations in northern El Salvador.

It is supported by the Salvadoran Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN, its Spanish acronym) and sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It works in close collaboration with Columbia University’s Earth Institute, La Montañona Community, the Salvadoran Research Program on Development and Environment (PRISMA, its Spanish acronym), and CIAT’s Soils Research Area.

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