Local vegetables R&D for smallholders

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Promoting local vegetables R&D to benefit smallholders

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  • Smallholders and traders of indigenous vegetables face issues marketing them
  • New post-harvest technologies could help solve the challenges
  • The impact of local vegetables on livelihoods of smallholders should be assessed

Researchers should tackle challenges smallholders face in marketing indigenous vegetables, writes Alberto Leny.

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Role of science in combating desertification

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  • Science ‘has big role in solving desertification issues ’

    William Payne, UNCCD 3rd scientific conference advisory committee : “This scientific conference will consider, in particular, the role of sustainable land management in building resilience and adaptation to climate change.”

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    • The conference identified poverty, climate change and desertification linkages
    • It showed how sustainable land management could aid climate change adaptation
    • An expert said local knowledge could be key to sustainable land use systems

    [CANCUN, MEXICO] Science has a major role to play in combating desertification, aiding climate change mitigation and adaptation, and sustainable land management practices, especially in the developing world, a conference has heard.

    During the opening session of the 3rd United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Scientific Conference in Cancun, Mexico, this week (9-12 March), Tarja Halonen, UNCCD’s drylands ambassador and former president of Finland, said poverty, climate change and desertification are closely linked in their causes, impacts and solutions.

    According to Halonen, women, youth and the poor are key when looking for available resources. “Majority of the farmers are women. In Africa, women produce 80 per cent of staple food. In Asia the figure is 60 per cent,” she said. “Scientific works, conclusions and recommendations will play a most important role in advising decision-makers.”

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