If she can do it for 90 …



This amazing woman feeds 90 children every weekday in this “kitchen” area.




If she can do it for 90 kids, isn’t this one of the best practices, a success story to me multiplied all over the world to combat malnutrition/undernutrition ?

That is the best way to alleviate malnutrition


Photo credit : TAALUMA

Our partner Maria with the children of Golda Mayers school in Hohoe, Ghana where we built a few sack gardens to help them farm vegetables to feed the school children.

TAALUMA, an example that merits to be copied all over the world

We are working on building self-sustained farming facilities in poor neighborhoods in Ghana and Togo.

The images you shared earlier is from our first major project in Shah Hill region of Accra in Ghana, were we build an education center with Aquaponics, Sack Gardens, Compost and raised bed to help them feed the children in their school (mostly saved from child slavery) and to educate students, their families, their volunteers and the villagers on how to farm efficiently.

The image bellow is from another one of our (smaller) activities where we made several sack gardens in primary school in the volta region of Ghana, most of the children in the image receive their only hot meal in school and our goal is to expand our operation there next year and build a larger farming facility there to help them lower their operational cost and at the same time add fruits and vegetables to their diet.

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