Combating urban desertification: Trees and Health App


Tool shows where cities need trees most

by Megan Treacy

Urban tree mapping has become a popular thing and for good reason. Studies have shown that not only does living near trees make our bodies healthier thanks to cleaning the air around us, but they also make us happier and less stressed. They also cut down on the heat island effect and provide needed shade for kids and older people. These are all things that city leaders would want for their residents.

A new urban tree mapping tool called Trees and Health App, developed by researchers at Portland State University and funded by the U.S. Forest Service, not only maps the distribution of tree coverage around cities, but lets city planners (and anyone else for that matter) dive deeper into the data to see which neighborhoods on a micro level need trees most to best plan tree planting projects.


Read the full article: Treehugger

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