Success story with TC in Spain

An interesting experiment

In May 1995 an experiment was set up in Zanona (Cadiz/Andalusia/Spain) to show the effect of the soil conditioner TerraCottem (TC) on seedlings of conifers.

A number of seedlings was acquired in a nearby nursery. Half of them were kept as control plants, the other half were treated with TerraCottem soil conditioner (see at a dosage of 5 g TC per kg of potting soil. All plants were watered in the same way (all the same day, all the same small volume of water to create a certain hydric stress for the seedlings under very dry conditions in the area).

Success story with TC in Spain
Comparison of TC-treated conifer seedling (left) with control one (right).

Six weeks later the dimensions of the seedlings were compared : length of the stem, length and volume of the root system.

The picture above shows clearly the positive effect of TerraCottem on the seedling growth : TC-treated seedlings are significantly taller and their root system is longer and more voluminous (more rootlets, rootlets attached to the hydrogel lumps of TC, thus more adsorption of water and nutrients). You can double click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Success story with TC in Spain
Root system of TC-treated seedling, fixed on hydrogels filled with water and nutrients.

This experiment shows clearly that TerraCottem can play an important role in afforestation or reforestation projects. It lowers water stress for young plants and enhances the survival rate in such projects. As some of the components of TC subsist for many years in the soil, the positive effect of this soil conditioner is a long term one, which makes the application of it a sustainable method.

You want to combat desertification effectively ? Why don’t you give TerraCottem a chance to put you on the way to success ? Hope you offer yourself this chance !

Author: Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.

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